The Greek way of enjoying dinner is characterised by gregarious togetherness. No need to hurry, enjoy the company. Spicy aromas in mid-air… mountain herbs and thyme… The waiter serves olives, salads, goat cheese, fish and meat… a small buffet right on your table! We suggest a glass of the award-winning local wine.

Healthy and tasty

A dinner on the beach

Enjoy a full-bodied white wine on the beach and listen to the sound of the sea… Feel a breeze on your skin and smell the freshly caught fish on the grill.

Exklusive wine tastings

Taste the award-winning wine of the local winemakers after a tour through the winery. Learn about the process of winemaking and enjoy a tasty dinner.

Monastery kitchen

The nuns of Efraim will open their doors for travel groups and cook traditional dishes upon request. You will enjoy a great meal in a very exclusive ambience!

Self-distilled liqueurs

Try the local liqueurs – homemade and of great quality – and enjoy the so-called Greek Mezzes – a variety of small grilled dishes… So delicious!

Truffle Hunting

Go hunting for truffles together with our expert Panagiotis Panagiotidis and his dogs. Enjoy the delicacies during a sub­sequent cooking course or a picnic.

Grape harvest | Hotel Villa Sevasti

Special holiday experiences

Dine with the nuns in a monastery, which will personally prepare traditional dishes for you. Or get to know the country and its people by working with them on the wine yards – side by side. Thanks to local contacts, we are able to organize exceptional excursions.

Boat trip | Hotel Villa Sevasti

Group trips

We show you the most beautiful monasteries and ancient sites of Greece. Our shuttle buses will get you wherever you want safely. And when you return to the hotel, dinner will be waiting!

Contact us and we will personally present you the numerous possibilities to organize your individual holiday!

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Lunch | Hotel Villa Sevasti

Personal Services

We make sure that you'll have everything you need. Enjoy healthy meals, good room service and let us organize your excursions to the greatest spots of the region!


Two men drinking cocktails | Hotel Villa Sevasti


Enjoy a pleasant holiday at our four-star hotel. The lovely hotel rooms are just a small part of what we have to offer: Get a quick overview of our premises, services and more.


Alkyóna Beach


You're tired of the city life and sightseeing? Calm down at our hotel beach and let us serve you tasteful delicacies and cocktails. Take a bath in the clear water of the sea.