The Christian-Orthodox region offers a colorful variety of monasteries. Some of the oldest monasteries and ancient sites of Greece are located here. They are relics of past cultures – an important part of human history!

Places worth seeing

Agios Dionysios

The monastery is located at Mount Olympus. It is one of the most important ones in the region. Only 20 walking minutes away, there is a small chapel.


This ancient site has its own museum and an archaeological park. A cultural excursion can be combined with an ensuing bath at the waterfall nearby.


The comparatively young Monastery of Efraim was built in 1983. Its beautiful architecture and the colorful garden make it a special place worth seeing.


24 beautiful monasteries, built on the enormous Meteora rocks. This is a real marvel made by nature and man. With a breathtaking view you will never forget!


The monks of Prodromos live a life close to nature. Some of its inhabitants are rather calm, others love to talk about all the world and his wife.


The ruins of Pydna date back to pre-Christian times and are located close to our hotel beach. This is where Alexander the Great left for his conquering expeditions.


The capital of Macedonia and the biggest university city on the Balkan: Thessaloniki has a beautiful architecture and numerous museums and malls.


Visit the tomb of Philipp II., the father of Alexander the Great. In an underground museum you can admire the beautiful grave goods and learn about Greek history.

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Special holiday experiences

Dine with the nuns in a monastery, which will personally prepare traditional dishes for you. Or get to know the country and its people by working with them on the wine yards – side by side. Thanks to local contacts, we are able to organize exceptional excursions.

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Group trips

We show you the most beautiful monasteries and ancient sites of Greece. Our shuttle buses will get you wherever you want safely. And when you return to the hotel, dinner will be waiting!

Contact us and we will personally present you the numerous possibilities to organize your individual holiday!

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Every guest will experience an amazing holiday without limits! Our hotel as well as our vehicles are 100 % wheelchair-accessible and we're equipped with all care aids necessary.


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Personal Services

We make sure that you'll have everything you need. Enjoy healthy meals, good room service and let us organize your excursions to the greatest spots of the region!


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Hotel rooms

Our hotel rooms are individually furnished. An elegant interior design makes all of them truly unique!