Getting to know the culture of a country means visiting the rural regions, not the big cities. This is where life proceeds at a different pace: Time decelerates, the people maintain traditions and the villages compete for the best Tsipouro among each other. With us you will experience a unique nature and cultural holiday in Greece – no unilateral tourism program.

Meet and discover


Discover the colorful fauna at the nature reserve nearby. Watching animals like rare birds in their natural habitat is a great experience not just for hobby ornithologists!


Hand work frees your mind. Spend a day at the grape harvest or assist with the tobacco crop and get to know the local people on a rather personal level.


Get among the people, you will be welcomed kindly! No matter if on the weekly market or on one of the traditional village festivals with music and dancing.

Mount Olympus

Impressive spots, green forests, canyons and mountain streams. The clear water looks inviting – why not jump into it? Untouched nature in all its beauty!

Grape harvest | Hotel Villa Sevasti

Special holiday experiences

Dine with the nuns in a monastery, which will personally prepare traditional dishes for you. Or get to know the country and its people by working with them on the wine yards – side by side. Thanks to local contacts, we are able to organize exceptional excursions.

Boat trip | Hotel Villa Sevasti

Group trips

We show you the most beautiful monasteries and ancient sites of Greece. Our shuttle buses will get you wherever you want safely. And when you return to the hotel, dinner will be waiting!

Contact us and we will personally present you the numerous possibilities to organize your individual holiday!

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Two men drinking cocktails | Hotel Villa Sevasti


Enjoy a pleasant holiday at our four-star hotel. The lovely hotel rooms are just a small part of what we have to offer: Get a quick overview of our premises, services and more.


Lunch | Hotel Villa Sevasti

Personal Services

We make sure that you'll have everything you need. Enjoy healthy meals, good room service and let us organize your excursions to the greatest spots of the region!


Italian Room | Hotel Villa Sevasti

Hotel rooms

Our hotel rooms are individually furnished. An elegant interior design makes all of them truly unique!