Great excursions into nature, stunning landscapes, monasteries and ancient sites leave nothing to be desired. Explore the culture, enjoy great food and wine at the multifaceted region of Pieria. We'll make sure you'll have a holiday for all your senses!


Monasteries of Meteora | Hotel Villa Sevasti

See some of the most amazing structures of Greece and follow the steps of the past. Feel the astonishing magic of these historical places!


Mountain lake | Hotel Villa Sevasti

Listen to the sound of nature and experience the Greek culture first hand: Kind and open people and atmospheric village festivals are waiting to be discovered!


Wine tasting | Hotel Villa Sevasti

Smell the intense aromas of the Greek cuisine and taste the full-bodied ingredients, spices and wine. We know the best restaurants and winemakers of the region!


Hiking Mount Olympus | Hotel Villa Sevasti

Rise to a sporting challenge and feel the joy of great success. Or relax your body at the local saline. There are so many ways to feel good!



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Two men drinking cocktails | Hotel Villa Sevasti


Enjoy a pleasant holiday at our four-star hotel. The lovely hotel rooms are just a small part of what we have to offer: Get a quick overview of our premises, services and more.


Italian Room | Hotel Villa Sevasti

Hotel rooms

Our hotel rooms are individually furnished. An elegant interior design makes all of them truly unique!


Lunch | Hotel Villa Sevasti

Personal Services

We make sure that you'll have everything you need. Enjoy healthy meals, good room service and let us organize your excursions to the greatest spots of the region!