The experiences during the passed months have led us to reevaluate our professional and life situation. From where I work has be­come less important. Personal en­counters have gained significance. For that reason, we are offering an alternative way of living: People whose job is not place-bound or who are retired will enjoy a very special long-term stay during the winter season.

Hideaway for the Winter Months

At Villa Sevasti, you will en­joy comfort, variety, good company and much more sun­light than in Northern Europe. Even during a lock­down you are surrounded by nature and life. Thanks to a fast inter­net connection you will be able to work and stay in contact with the rest of the world. But of course we are hoping that you will be able to spend the next winter in Greece with­out restrictions.

Leisure Program at the Hotel

The community area as well as all hotel rooms on the salon level offer under­floor heating. We sit down in front of the fire­place, have a chat, play and tinker to­gether. Mona has lots of great ideas for fun handi­craft works and who­ever wants to may join us in the kitchen for cooking, baking and making jam. Book­worms will find a great variety of literature.

Surrounding the hotel there are beauti­ful sunny spots that are sheltered from the wind. You can take a walk through the fields and olive groves. The heated pool can be used for swimming, water gymnastics and relaxing. There are training devices to stay in shape. In the evening, we enjoy dinner together, watch movies and learn Greek dances. You will surely not get bored during your long-term stay in winter!

There is a lot to do in the Winter Season

From distilling Tsipouro in late autumn, attending wine tastings and hiking Mount Olympus to visiting concerts and museums there are plenty of things to do during your winter stay! We are celebrating Christmas and New Year’s Eve to­gether and spend many cozy evenings at the fire­place.

Further­more, you can participate in the every­day life: Cook to­gether, work in the garden, take care of our donkeys at Alkyóna Beach and be creative. We offer Yoga classes, water gymnastics and fit­ness programs. Our physio­therapists, masseurs, beauticians and hair­dressers offer their services in the hotel. That way we will stay healthy, fit and beauti­ful.

Holiday and Services

  • Icon: Monastery
    Cities, Sights and Nature

    Exploring the Monasteries of Meteora, taking a bath in the thermal springs of Pozar or making a trip to Athens – that and more is possible during the winter months. At this time of the year, there are lots of sunny days and flamingos are visiting our beach almost on a daily basis.

  • Icon: Wellness

    The extensive well­ness offer in Katerini ranges from massages to hand and food care. The services can also be booked in the hotel. But of course it is much nicer to go to the hair­dresser, have a Greek coffee and a nice chat with the employees before you get your hair cut.

  • Icon: Shopping

    Once a week we take our guests to the super­market. You will get every­thing you need from food to hygiene products. You can also buy fresh groceries at the numerous weekly markets of the region. Many local producers offer their goods. It is really worth a visit.

  • Icon: Care
    Safe and Carefree

    Of course we are offering all our care and nursing services in the winter season. Medical care can be provided on site: Dr. Florian Schlereth, a specialist for internal medicine, endo­crinology and diabetology, attends the hotel for regular examinations if necessary.

  • Icon: Physiotherapy

    You will not have to pause physio­therapy during your winter vacation. Zacharias, our studied physio­therapist, offers all of his services at the hotel. He has under­gone several trainings, e.g. osteo­pathy and chiro­practic. But above all he has magic hands.


Offer period: 15 October 21 to 15 April 22
Minimum booking: 1 month


Period Price per month
1 month 1.750 €
2 months 1.650 €
3 months 1.500 €
Extension 435 € (per week)
2nd person (double room) 900 €

Inclusive Services

  • Full board, incl. coffee in the after­noon
  • Tea and water all-day
  • Wifi
  • Pool
  • Fitness program and water gymnastics
  • Leisure program
  • Room service
  • Laundry service
  • Grocery shopping once a week

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