You'll experience an unforgettable holiday at hotel Villa Sevasti. Enjoy the beautiful countryside and numerous authentic encounters with the local people. Bargain hunters will also get their money's worth – just check our special offers.


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Spend a memorable holiday at a discount. Here you'll find our current special offers for your next trip to Greece.


Vacation with care | Hotel Villa Sevasti

People caring for relatives with a handicap rarely take a time out. We're providing professional care services on site.


A getaway for all your senses

Coffee beans | Hotel Villa Sevasti


The fresh mountain air, a sea breeze and Nitsa's coffee in the morning. Sofia's dinner, roses at the entrance, mint in your cocktail…

Rotisserie | Hotel Villa Sevasti


Fresh fruits, strawberries and tomatos. Intense and tasteful dishes. Spicy bacon, aromatic and mild cheese – flavours for connoisseurs!

Bee and flowers | Hotel Villa Sevasti


Nothing… no streets, no airplanes, no loud music. Recover. Listen to the birds, the bees and the wind… recognize subtle nuances.

Sea view | Hotel Villa Sevasti


Wide landscapes and the endless blue sea. A clear view. Beautiful shades of green, colorful flowers and the mighty Mount Olympus.

Crystal clear water | Hotel Villa Sevasti


The sun on your skin, the pleasant and warm water of the sea and a cool breeze at night, when you're relaxing on the rooftop terrace…

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Mountain lake | Hotel Villa Sevasti

Culture and nature

Listen to the sound of nature and experience the Greek culture first hand: Kind and open people and atmospheric village festivals are waiting to be discovered!


Weinprobe | Hotel Villa Sevasti

Wining and dining

Smell the intense aromas of the Greek cuisine and taste the full-bodied ingredients, spices and wine. We know the best restaurants and winemakers of the region!


Two men drinking cocktails | Hotel Villa Sevasti


Enjoy a pleasant holiday at our four-star hotel. The lovely hotel rooms are just a small part of what we have to offer: Get a quick overview of our premises, services and more.