You'll experience an unforgettable holiday at hotel Villa Sevasti. Enjoy the beautiful countryside and numerous authentic encounters with the local people. Bargain hunters will also get their money's worth – just check our special offers.


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Spend a memorable holiday at a discount. Here you'll find our current special offers for your next trip to Greece.


Vacation with care | Hotel Villa Sevasti

People whose job is not place-bound or who are retired will enjoy a very special long-term stay during the winter season.


Vacation with care | Hotel Villa Sevasti

People caring for relatives with a handicap rarely take a time out. We're providing professional care services on site.


A getaway for all your senses

Coffee beans | Hotel Villa Sevasti


The fresh mountain air, a sea breeze and Nitsa's coffee in the morning. Sofia's dinner, roses at the entrance, mint in your cocktail…

Rotisserie | Hotel Villa Sevasti


Fresh fruits, strawberries and tomatos. Intense and tasteful dishes. Spicy bacon, aromatic and mild cheese – flavours for connoisseurs!

Bee and flowers | Hotel Villa Sevasti


Nothing… no streets, no airplanes, no loud music. Recover. Listen to the birds, the bees and the wind… recognize subtle nuances.

Sea view | Hotel Villa Sevasti


Wide landscapes and the endless blue sea. A clear view. Beautiful shades of green, colorful flowers and the mighty Mount Olympus.

Crystal clear water | Hotel Villa Sevasti


The sun on your skin, the pleasant and warm water of the sea and a cool breeze at night, when you're relaxing on the rooftop terrace…

This may be of interest to you

Lunch | Hotel Villa Sevasti


We make sure that you'll have everything you need. Enjoy healthy meals, good room service and let us organize your excursions to the greatest spots of the region!


Weinprobe | Hotel Villa Sevasti

Wining and dining

Smell the intense aromas of the Greek cuisine and taste the full-bodied ingredients, spices and wine. We know the best restaurants and winemakers of the region!


Alkyóna Beach


You're tired of the city life and sightseeing? Calm down at our hotel beach and let us serve you tasteful delicacies and cocktails. Take a bath in the clear water of the sea.